The Westminster Society is consulted by the Council on over 800 planning applications a year. Handling, assessing and responding with an appropriate comment or objection within the normal 21 days consultation period is a heavy burden willingly borne by our volunteers for the opportunity it gives to identify trends and influence the appearance of some of the city, country and world’s most famous landmarks.

The Westminster Society also considers and responds to many consultations on public policies. Our members meet prospective developers, encourage good architecture through biennial awards and co-operate with local and national government and other amenity societies to achieve our objectives

We are keen to engage wider public and media interest and enable greater resident involvement in environmental, planning, traffic and transport issues.

The Royal Hospital Chelsea is a retirement home and nursing home for British soldiers who are unfit for further duty due to injury or old age. There are just over 300 soldiers resident in the Royal Hospital, known colloquially, as Chelsea pensioners.