We are always arguing about it. How high should a building in London be? Does the Mayor have suitable influence, or is he too powerful?

How do we get affordable accomodation for the students, artists, nurses, policemen, teachers and others that we vitally need to be living on the premises? Is a new building design thatís up for planning approval breathtaking, shocking, or both? Should we object to telephone boxes as unsanctioned advertising billboards?

Do we support or oppose a new monument thatís paid for by well wishers who demand a site right in front of the National Gallery? Come to that, should Westminster go on and on providing places for built commemorations of varying quality in support of every worthy notion, or do we perhaps need a Monuments Czar?

Churchill slept in the Cabinet War Rooms during the Second World War. In the bunker was a telephone scrambler system that allowed Churchill to securely speak with President Roosevelt in the White House. The unit was concealed in the Prime Minister's lavatory.